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September 2011

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the_axel in gothsonice

Convergence 17 Bid Selection Dates

Hey everyone,
It's time to get those bids cranked up & sent in...


Convergence 17 Timetable

Bid Proposal Request Period BEGINS
2010 February 07 00:00EST (03:02GMT)
1. All Convergence 17 Bid Proposal Committee Chairpersons must contact Axel (convergence@virulent.org) to have a web account set up on altgothic.com to host their proposal web sites.

Bid Proposal Submission Period BEGINS
Bid Proposal Public Discussion and Debate Period BEGINS.
2010 February 14 00:00EST (05:00GMT)
1. During this time Bid Proposal Committees must submit their Bid Proposals and preliminary event budgets to Axel (convergence@virulent.org) for inclusion on the Convergence 17 ballot. After receipt of submission they must post their Bid Proposals to the alt.gothic.* news groups' they may open their web sites to the public. Posting to regional mailing lists, web communities, blogs etc. is acceptable but not essential.
2. See the Bids page for information on how to create and submit a Convergence 17 proposal.
3. The Convergence 17 Bid Proposal Public Discussion and Debate Period also begins at this time. Discussions will take place primarily on the alt.gothic* news group hierarchy.
4. If you don't have a newsfeed that can access alt.gothic , Google can help you out.

Bid Proposal Request Period ENDS
Bid Proposal Submission Period ENDS
2010 February 28 0:00EST (05:00GMT)
1. Additional Convergence 17 Bid Proposals will NOT be accepted after this date. If you submit after that date, we will hold on to it for the Convergence 18 Bid Selection Process.

Proposal Modification Period ENDS
Ratification Period BEGINS
2010 March 12 0:00EST (05:00GMT)
1. The Bidding Committees may no longer make any changes to their bids.
2. The proposal websites are frozen.
3. The denizens of alt.gothic decide if they wish to reject any of the bids, as per the ratification process.

Ratification Period ENDS
2010 March 23 0:00EST (05:00GMT)
The C*B*L determine which bids are ratified.
1. The voting system is announced on alt.gothic.

Bid Clarification Period BEGINS
2010 March 23 0:00EST (05:00GMT)
The purpose of this period is to ensure that what is voted on is what was ratified.
1. The Bidding Committees may modify their bid websites to incorporate clarifications of the bid that came up during ratification.
2. The Bidding Committees may not add net new content to the bid.

Bid Clarification Period ENDS
C*B*L Bid Review BEGINS
2010 March 25 0:00EST (05:00GMT)
1. The Bidding Committees may no longer make any changes to their bids.
2. The proposal websites are frozen.
3. The C*B*L will review the bids to ensure the changes are appropriate.

C*B*L Bid Review ENDS
Voting Period BEGINS
2010 March 26 0:00EST (05:00GMT)
1. The people decide.

Voting Period ENDS
2010 April 02 0:00EST (05:00GMT)
1. Voting is closed and results will be reviewed and tallied.

Committees notified of Results
2010 April 02
1. The C*B*L notifies the Chairs of the bids of the results.

Public Announcement of Results
2010 April 03
1. On receipt of a response from the Chair of the winning bid, or after 24 hours of sending the notification, the winning proposal and relevant voting demographics are announced on altgothic.com and the alt.gothic news groups.